five bouncing puppies

In my dream I had five bouncing puppies. I loved them so! How joy-filled were our days.

poor puppies 1

Until…. my puppies started to poop out turds of PURE BLOOD.

Pure blood turd puppies

I watched as my poor puppies all did blood poops. They were so ashamed. Poor wee things.

poor puppies 2

Then, before my eyes…. the blood turds turned into worms and wriggled away.

poor puppies 3


Auckland City Limits Posters

Auckland City Limits music fest said, “Do some posters for us… and draw whatever you want.”

Yussss. The perfect brief.

Children are welcome at the festival, so Auckland Kiddie Limits was created so kids can rock out with their parents.

Here are 3 of the 6 posters:

ACL Monster low res

I thought it would be fun if a monster was eating the Auckland City Limits skyline

ACL Mouse family Low res

A mouse family rocking out

ACL Squirrel low res

And who doesn’t like hotdogs?